Specializing in Helping CPAs Find their Dream Job in Public Accounting

At VALiNTRYfinancial, our Placement Executives start by focusing on you as a candidate to understand your personal goals and then they market you to public accounting firms in the markets you want to live and work. Our concierge-style methodology prioritizes the needs and career goals of each individual candidate, working to place them, one at a time, into their ideal position. This allows candidates to be true to themselves and their career aspirations instead of trying to fit some perceived mold for a job in which they may not thrive. Our commitment is to only work with highly qualified CPA candidates rather than a high quantity of CPA candidates. This selectiveness has created trust between us, our candidates, and the clients we work with, ensuring that a high level is trust is built and maintained throughout our process.


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Our Personalized CPA Recruitment Services Can Help You Land Your Dream Job