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How Finance & Accounting Job Seekers Can Benefit by Using A Recruiter

Finding a new job is no easy task. Not only does it take time and energy to apply for open opportunities, but you also have to weed through endless postings to find positions with companies who are the perfect match for your talent and personality.

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to have an experienced professional doing the hard part for you?

That’s exactly what an accounting recruitment agency like VALiNTRYcpa offers candidates.

Whether you’re a new graduate looking to break into the finance and accounting industry, or you’re a seasoned professional who is ready to make a change that leads to growth and opportunity, an accounting job recruiter can help you do it.

There are several ways to work with an agency to find financial jobs and match your talents with companies who are offering competitive compensation and benefits packages. Here, we’ll give you tips on best practices, and how to maximize your relationship with your recruiter.

What is a Finance and Accounting Recruiter?

“A reputable accounting recruitment agency, like VALiNTRYcpa, works closely with businesses to identify their staffing needs. We then match top talent with these organizations to help fill their vacancies and allow candidates to land exciting opportunities which give them fulfilling careers,” says Dan Martinek, Account Manager, Finance & Accounting Division.

Finance and accounting recruiters are used by companies to streamline their hiring process. They will help the organization determine their needs and will then search for qualified candidates that are a perfect match for the skills required to do the job.

Your recruiter will match your resume or CV with companies who are hiring, and screen you for potential interviews. During this phase of the process, they will also help you refine and tailor your resume to ensure that your skills stand out and the hiring manager sees you as a great candidate. Additionally, the recruiter will provide you with information about the position and the business as a whole so you can get a better understanding of the company and the culture.

If there’s a match, a finance and accounting recruiter will negotiate your salary on your behalf and make the hiring process as simple and streamlined as possible.

“Not only do we do the hard work of finding financial jobs for you, but VALiNTRYcpa also has the inside scoop on many positions that aren’t publicly advertised,” advises Martinek.

Many large firms and companies throughout the U.S. rely on recruiters to fill their vacancies, and some of the most desirable positions aren’t posted on any job board. These employers don’t want to weed through an endless stack of resumes, and instead rely on trusted experts like VALiNTRYcpa to present them with the best candidates for their needs.

Not only does it benefit you to have someone searching for the right fit on your behalf, but you may also get an opportunity to interview with a coveted company by partnering with a financial and accounting recruitment agency.

How to Work with a Finance and Accounting Recruiter

Many different types of finance and accounting recruiters and headhunters offer services to candidates. To get the best results, you’ll want to partner with the agency that is the right fit for your needs and career aspirations.

Here are some best practices to follow when considering who to use to find financial jobs on your behalf.

How to Find the Right Recruiter

“Most candidates connect with our finance and accounting recruitment team at VALiNTRYcpa in one of two ways – they submit their resume for consideration, or we find them on LinkedIn and reach out because they seem like an excellent match for an open position we have,” says Joe Parris, Co-founder of VALiNTRYcpa.

“Because we often find candidates on LinkedIn and other social channels, it’s always smart to make sure that your online presence is both updated and flawless,” he adds. Additionally, most companies will search for a candidate’s profile in preparation for an interview or as part of the reference check process, so it’s important to check out your LinkedIn page and any other social media you have publicly available before taking any next steps.

If possible, bolster your profile by publishing articles, securing endorsements, and interacting with professionals in your space regularly. Be sure to list all certifications and accreditations to inform them of areas where you have specialized expertise.

When you connect with a recruiter, you’ll want to do some research to ensure that they are a good fit. Read their reviews on sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, and check to see if they offer any client testimonials online to learn about experiences others have had working with the firm.

Also, learn more about their success rate and process. What type of placement record do they have? How long have they been recruiting? What types of connections do they have in the finance and accounting space?

These answers will help you decide whether or not they can match you with companies and positions that are in line with your desires.

Impress on Your Initial Interview

Once you find a recruiter who is the perfect match and submit your resume, they will reach out to you to learn more about your needs and qualifications.

This initial phone call is a screening to better understand if you are a good fit for the open financial and accounting jobs they’re working to fill, and this is your time to shine.

Expect them to ask lots of questions about your knowledge, background, expertise, and career aspirations. If the recruiter has a specific position in mind for you, they may also tell you details about the job, the employer, and try to find out if it’s a good match.

Be confident in your answers and clear in your expectations and desires. Remember, the recruiter is on your side and wants you to be the right match. Tell them about what you want in a position, in an employer, and the things that will make you feel the happiest should get an offer. Be candid about your salary expectations and benefits package. This will allow them to better negotiate on your behalf.

Showcase your personality and talk about your short and long-term goals to help them better understand you as a person, and to give them tools to help sell you to the potential employer.

Interview Preparation

Depending on the type of contract a recruiter has with the employer, they will offer candidates different levels of service when it’s time for the official interview.

“At VALiNTRYcpa, we always take a full-service approach,” shares Carla Wright. “Once we determine that a candidate is a good match, we call the employer to discuss their talent and skills and set up the interview.”

“Next, we equip the job seeker with everything they need to be successful and to impress the hiring manager from the moment they walk into the room.”

The best recruiters will give you details about the position and the full job description. They will walk you through information about the company culture, the individuals that you’ll be interviewing with, and key skills you have that will help you stand out and shine.

They’ll also facilitate the follow-up process by forwarding on your thank you notes and securing additional interviews if they are needed.

If you’re the right fit, accounting hiring agencies will negotiate your offer on your behalf. They serve the role as a middle man who has the tough conversations for you and helps you to get the best possible compensation package.

Reasons to Work with a Finance and Accounting Recruiter

Not only does working with a recruiter make the process of finding the right position for you simpler, but it also gives you a leg up over your all the other job seekers also on the hunt.

Even better, it doesn’t cost you anything to partner with a finance and accounting recruitment agency. Typically, these headhunters are hired by the company and are paid a flat rate, or a commission based on your annual salary. This works out in your favor for two reasons.

First, it gives the staffing agency a financial incentive to place you in the highest paying position possible and to negotiate for a larger salary on your behalf. Second, it means that they will work hard to sell your talent and skills to companies that are a match to ensure that they are the firm to fill the vacancy and they don’t lose the commission to a competing agency.

As a job seeker, working with a recruiter can also save you precious time. Rather than spending endless hours searching on job boards and filling out online applications that ask hundreds of different questions, a recruiter can easily match you to your best fit.

From there, they will coach you on what to expect and help you showcase your expertise during the interview. This can cut down on the time between the interview and the offer, placing you in your dream job faster and with less back and forth with your potential employer.

Ready to Find Your Next Opportunity?

At VALiNTRYcpa, we’re currently staffing for a variety of competitive finance and accounting jobs. Submit your resume for consideration, or contact us to be connected with employers looking for your talent.

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