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How to Work with Recruiters to Fill Finance & Accounting Jobs

Recruiting finance and accounting professionals is about more than just an excellent compensation package. There are more vacancies than there are qualified candidates, and businesses need to step up their hiring game to attract top talent.

Doing it right requires a significant amount of resources and personnel. Fortunately, there are reputable accounting recruiting firms like VALiNTRYcpa who can streamline the process. These agencies know how to use new recruiting strategies and technologies to keep up with industry trends and help your business stand out in the sea of competition.

Here, we’ll dive deep into everything you need to know about working with an accounting job recruiter, and how partnering with a reputable company that has proven success like VALiNTRYcpa can help you actually save money while still winning the battle for the best candidates.

What is finance and accounting recruiting?

Many recruitment firms and headhunters specialize in one or more sectors, and those in the finance and accounting space make themselves experts in the needs of both businesses and employees in financial services.

Finance and accounting staffing agencies assist businesses like yours with finding and hiring the perfect candidate to fill vacancies in your organization and can match you with talented financial managers, business analysts, accountants, or other similarly qualified individuals who are seeking employment.

The best recruiters match the talent that fits both the needs and culture of your company and they source and screen every candidate to make a match between skills and needs.

Finance and Accounting Recruiter Expertise

Depending on the staffing firm you choose, the recruiter may have many different areas of expertise. At VALiNTRYcpa, we work with a variety of companies and industries to fill several types of roles.

We’ve placed candidates to match the needs of clients including:

  • Accounting
  • Assurance
  • Financial Planning and Analysis
  • CFOs and
  • VPs of Finance
  • Executive Assistants and Administrators
  • Financial Reporting
  • Seasonal Tax Preparation
  • Risk Advisory

Headhunters may specialize in one position, or like VALiNTRYcpa, they could offer expertise and services for a variety of roles and candidates like controllers, auditors, and bookkeepers.

Adapt to Business Trends

Not only will your finance recruiter implement the latest techniques in talent acquisition, but they will also closely follow business trends and know how to navigate your demanding field to yield excellent results.

With how quickly the financial world changes and evolves thanks to global competition and government regulation, securing the right talent is essential to the success of your business. Financial headhunters follow national and local industry trends to help formulate and present unique solutions to your staffing needs and to offer candidates who meet or exceed your expectations.

Understand Your Unique Needs

Although financial roles have some commonalities, every employer has unique needs that mean that the right talent will have a highly specialized skill set. A finance and accounting recruiter will work with you to understand the nuances of your business and will help to cultivate candidates who have proven functional experiences in your space and fit your unique culture.

Challenges in Finance and Accounting Recruiting

Talent in the finance and accounting space is limited, but the demand for these candidates is on the rise. There are several significant challenges to finding and acquiring new employees in addition to the time and money involved in conducting a successful job search.

Recruiters for finance jobs streamline the process and help you overcome the key challenges to stand out from your competition and to win the best candidates in your market.

Here are three challenges that you’ll face if you try to fill finance and accounting vacancies on your own.

1. There’s a shortage of talent

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the national unemployment rate for the financial and accounting sector in 2019 is hovering at around 2%. That’s significantly lower than the national rate of roughly 3.5%. Perhaps more important is the fact that the industry is projected to grow 10% over the next 10 years, which is nearly three times as fast as the national average for job growth.

This means that there is not only a limited pool of potential applicants but that they will be more in demand than ever in the months and years to come.

2. Skillsets and expertise are diverse and varied

No longer are finance and accounting jobs a straightforward proposition. Advancements in technology and companies carving out niche markets mean that candidates may have specialized skill sets that make it difficult to find someone who matches your exact needs.

If you’re searching for someone who can both crunch numbers and who has diverse technology and business skills, then you may have a challenging time honing in on the right candidate without help.

3. It’s difficult to attract college graduates and millennial employees

If the potential job pool is growing, and the number of qualified candidates is limited, then you’ll want to have a strong mechanism in place for attracting new graduates as potential employees.

Unfortunately, unless you’re using specific tactics that appeal that that demographic and have a strategy around standing out from your competition, that becomes extremely difficult. Finance and accounting headhunters like VALiNTRYcpa know how to optimize your visibility and craft your message to get in front of these hot commodities at the right time to make an impression and win them over.

Why You Should Work with a Finance and Accounting Recruiter

Working with a reputable finance recruiting firm will help you overcome staffing challenges.

“At VALiNTRYcpa, we combine the latest technology with our robust network of applicants to match you with talent that fits the needs and culture of your company,” says VALiNTRYcpa’s co-founder, Joe Parris.

“It’s not just about making it easy for job seekers to find your posting; it’s also about optimizing your brand presence and using a variety of recruitment marketing tactics to produce excellent results,” he advises.

Here are a few ways that a finance and accounting recruiter will help you attract and hire top talent.

Develop a Precise Job Description

Finance and accounting jobs are extremely diverse, and a recruiter will spend time learning about your precise needs to help you craft a job description that will appeal to applicants who are most qualified for the position.

If you need someone with technical skills, or who has training in a specific market niche, you’ll want to spell that out clearly to ensure that you find someone who meets your needs.

Identify How and Why You Stand Out

The finance and accounting industry is changing, and as younger candidates begin their job search, you’ll want to identify the top reasons why your company may be an attractive option for them.

When you work with a recruiter, they will dive deep to understand your company culture, all of the benefits of working for you, and reasons why your current staff love their job and are loyal to your business.

From there, they will help you craft your marketing message that tells top finance and accounting talent why you’re different, and how you stand out from your competitors. Winning the fight to place these candidates isn’t just about an annual salary; it’s about selling your company on the whole as an attractive place to work.

Simplify the Process

Every business has different needs, and reputable accounting hiring agencies can help anticipate yours. Once they determine the scope of the project and your hiring goals, they simplify the process and deliver excellent, qualified candidates for you to interview.

“Your time is valuable and working with a recruiting firm like VALiNTRYcpa means that you will only be interviewing the best of the best,” says Parris. “We do the tedious parts, like weeding through resumes and having the initial conversations to determine if there’s a good match on your behalf.”

Businesses like yours find that they are presented with better candidates in shorter time frames then if they were to take on the staffing project themselves. Overall, it will save you time and money to find the best possible fit for your team and business needs.

Ready to Learn More?

At VALiNTRYcpa, we partner with businesses like yours to match qualified talent with your needs. Contact us to learn more or post a job today and start reviewing candidates in about 48 business hours!

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