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As the pandemic drags on, the job market continues to be one of the top areas of anxiety for many Americans. People are filled with fear and are wondering if they will ever find the job they really want or work at the firm that will best give them a chance to be successful in their career plans. Still, even though there is anxiety around hiring, that doesn’t necessarily mean that no one is hiring. This fact couldn’t be truer than in the Public Accounting industry. What might surprise you is that these jobs aren’t necessarily listed publicly, but many firms are constantly looking for a great candidate that will fit well in their organization.

So how does a CPA that wants to make a change in these uncertain times find one of these unpublished jobs in firms that are hiring right now? The answer is simple. Find a reputable CPA Placement organization that will help you land your dream job. And the keyword here is “reputable.”

Not all CPA staffing firms are created equal.

The job market for CPAs is highly competitive. As you’ve experienced in your own career, companies are fighting to land the best candidates from a small pool. CPAs like you are highly desirable for public accounting firms, the demand is high, and the supply is low, but that doesn’t necessarily mean finding a reputable candidate-focused firm is easy.

Because of the competitive market, likewise, there are many competitive staffing firms out there. Some work exclusively with the Big 4 while others work with smaller firms. Most do a good job satisfying their clients, the CPA firms, while not really focusing on you, the candidate. So how can you tell the two apart?

Client-Focused Firms

In traditional recruiting situations, the staffing agency is contracted by the CPA firm. The agency then assigns a recruiter to dig around online or cold-call as many “qualified-looking” candidates as possible to increase the numbers of resumes they submit. The CPA firm is the star, and it’s far too easy for job candidates to get lost in the mix or submitted for positions that aren’t ideal for them. It can also mean that the candidate is unknowingly submitted for a role which can create tension with (or even termination from) his/her current employer.

Candidate-Focused Firms

The Candidate-focused model places a priority on the individual candidate as the Placement team works on in finding them their individual dream jobs. This allows candidates to be true to themselves and their career aspirations instead of molding themselves to fit into a job in which they may not thrive.

VALiNTRYfinancial operates under a candidate-focused methodology because it allows us to focus on what’s truly most important: you. While we do most of the legwork, our approach does involve some action on your part to help create the best placement possible.

How We Do It

Once we receive your resume, we connect with you to discuss your preferences, goals, aspirations and other factors regarding their career path. Then, we start trying to find your dream job. Once we find what we think is a good fit, we review all the details with you and prep you for the interviews. If the interviews go well, we act as your advocate and coach during the negotiations to finalize your offer. Once you have an offer in hand, we discuss the pros and cons, logistics of the transition and advise on next steps. Be sure to check out our infographic for a more detailed look at our process.

Let Us Help You Find Your Dream Job

Because we consistently focus on quality candidates, we’ve built a strong reputation with our 400+ client firms nationwide. This ensures our ability to get a candidate’s resume in front of the decision maker, every time… whether the job market is good or bad. So, if you are wanting to make a job change, never fear. It IS possible to land a quality CPA job right now.

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