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Mapping the Journey to Your Next Tax Manager Role in Public Accounting

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Growth in any career can benefit from good planning, but charting a successful CPA path requires careful preparation, timing, and outreach. If you’re in the early-to-mid years of your CPA career, here are the most important steps to prepare yourself for a future as a Tax Manager.

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Bachelor’s Degree, an Active U.S. CPA License, and 5+ Years of Current Tax Managers lead multiple operations within a tax practice area and deliver quality tax services that will increase the reputation of the firm.

Duties include:

  • Deliver a full range of tax services in compliance with all laws and regulations
  • Build relationships and interact with clients to provide excellent planning, consulting, and expertise
  • Provide innovative tax planning and review complex income tax returns
  • Coordinate accounting staff and assess their performance
  • Manage all tax provision and tax compliance processes
  • Improve processes by developing and/or implementing best practices
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Prepare Your Resume

As your primary marketing tool, your resume is your passport to better pay, better workplaces, increased responsibilities, and partnership. With over 7,000 CPA resumes on alone, here are some tips for helping your CV/resume be the best it can be:

  • Keep it professional (no color fonts, emojis, unnecessary visuals, etc.)
  • Eliminate the Objective Statement
  • Include your certifications in the header after your name (John Smith, CPA)
  • NEVER embellish your accomplishments
  • Ensure your LinkedIn and resume/CV don’t contradict each other
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Make a Firm and Location Wish List

Are you looking to move closer to family or perhaps live in your dream location? Looking to transition into a National, Regional, or Local-sized firm?

With thousands of CPA Firms to choose from across the U.S.(2), knowing where to look and the hiring outlooks in your target markets can set you apart. It will also help you be more efficient in your job search and make an informed decision.

For example:

  • Houston and New York have the most CPA candidates living in the area (2)
  • Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC have the most open job postings for CPAs (2)
  • Houston, Miami, and Atlanta are the top cities where demand for CPAs outweighs the supply of candidates (2)
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Focus on Transitioning When It’s Slow

(Typically May-Aug or Nov-Dec)

All firms value integrity, commitment, and loyalty. Unless absolutely necessary, never leave your current role during the most crucially busy times of the year. Show you care about doing the right thing and keeping your engagement commitments by preparing for a transition during the slower months.

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Engage with a CPA recruiter

You’ve come so far on you own, let a CPA Recruiter help take you the last mile. Our proven process, experience, and expertise ensure we connect you with the right opportunity based on your personal career goals.

We can help you:

  • Find the firms nationwide that align with your goals
    and interests
  • Review your resume
  • Set up and prepare you for interviews
  • Negotiate your compensation and benefits


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1 – December 2020 Data      2 – December 2020 Data

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